MF2100, MF2200, MF2300, & MF2300A FET Power Amplifiers

Introduced mid-1993, MF2300A in August 1995

These amplifiers share the same basic JFET input stage and MOSFET output stage as introduced in the earlier MF80 and MF200. The new amps increased the number of output devices (MF80 used one pair, the MF200 two pair, the MF 2100 two pair, MF2200 three pair, and the MF2300 four pair). The MF2100 and MF2200 differ only in power output whereas the MF2300 might best be thought of as an MF2200 on steroids.

The MF2300 is rated 240 watts per channel, however it's most significant advantage is its ability to deliver one third more current into low impedance loads making it the ideal choice to drive a number of highly regarded but difficult to drive loudspeakers. The MF2300 also uses all polystyrene capacitors in the audio circuit, machined gold-plated OFC input connectors, and premium quality machined output binding posts.

After two years, the MF2300 was improved by the use of Vishay resistors at critical points in the circuit, extending the open-loop frequency response of the circuit, and upgrading capacitors in the input amplifier power supplies. The improved model was designated MF2300A.


Power switch, left and right RCA input jacks, and left and right output jacks (5 way binding posts)


Power Output: MF2100 - 100 watts per channel; MF2200-200 watts per channel; MF2300-240 watts per channel.

All deliver their power from 20Hz to 20KHz at no more than 1% THD and IM, both channels driven into 8 ohms.

Distortion: less than .1% THD or IMD

Response: bandpass 20Hz to more than 20kHz , +0, -.5dB

Hum & Noise: 98 dB relative to max output


MF2100 - 19" X 4.31" X 13 7/8"

MF2200 - 19" X 5.2" X 16 7/8"

MF2300 - 19" X 6 _" X 16 7/8"